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Stoneburg Baptist Church
8266 US Hwy. 81 North
Bowie, Texas 76230
(9 miles N of Bowie on US Hwy 81)
Pastor’s Phone (940) 928-2269

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Pastor, Larry Kennedy

8266 US Hwy 81 N

Bowie, Texas 76230


Cell # 940-781-3676

If you would like a copy of the services on CD, please contact the Pastor.

You also have available "God's Sense".  It is a synopsis of the service for that week.  We believe these will be something for you to ponder.  The last five are available at:


Stoneburg Baptist Church Purpose Statement

A small country Church that stresses love and fellowship, proclaiming the teachings of the Biblical
Jesus, by ministry and worship through the power of the Holy Spirit.


"God's work done God's way will not lack God's support!"


Joining the Church

** By profession of faith in Jesus Christ, follow by baptism.

** By transfer of letter from another Christ centered Church.

** By statement of faith in Jesus Christ, having been baptized by immersion after trusting Christ.


How to become a Christian

**Understand-God loves you no matter what you have done. (John 3:16)

**Repent-Turn away from your sin to follow God's
 new direction for your life. (Romans 3:23)

**Confess-Acknowledge Jesus as the Lord of your life. (Romans 10:9)

**Receive- Through prayer, accept God's free gift of salvation. (Romans 6:23)

Weekly Announcments 

Lord’s Supper— We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper today at the conclusion of

                 our Morning Services.


Business Meeting—We want to encourage you to participate in our Business Meeting   this evening at 530.  We will be discussing some important ideas.


Men’s Meeting—Our men will meet Tuesday in the Montague Fire Hall @ 6:30.


Faith Friend-zy— We will continue our Faith Friend-zy this week with the first full week of                school.  We ask you to pray for all our activities.  Pizza Night.


Women’s Meeting—Our ladies will meet Friday in The Center @ 10:00.


Pastor Vacation—This coming Friday, Diane and I will be on vacation for a week.


Preaching—Bro. Paul will lead the services this Sunday due to Pastor’s vacation.


Church Lunch—This coming Sunday we will share in lunch fellowship.


Schedule of activities.....

Sunday School 10:oo
Morning Worship 11:oo
Evening Bible Study 5:3o
Faith Friend-zy 3:3o-5:30

Monthly Activities.....

First Sunday--Business Meeting 5:30
First Wednesday--Youth Pizza Night 3:4o
Second Sunday--Church Lunch 
(following morning services)
Third Sunday--Special Sunday
(audience participation)
Last Sunday--Church Breakfast
(Before Sunday School 10:oo)
Faith Friend-zy each Wednesday 3:3o-5:30

(These may change according to the needs of that particular months calendar. Check the Church calendar for specifics.)



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A country Church that stresses God's love!

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